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Maybe this charmer promised a worthwhile future with lofty and romantic words, only to make you feel like those statements were a form of gaslighting when the future arrived.Walfish doesn’t mince words when she describes the type of person who would treat a partner this way, and she notes that once you pinpoint this form of subtle abuse, the first thing to do is to accept it for what it is. "The silent treatment functions to keep the receiver in suspense of what will happen, and unsure of what they did wrong and how bad it is," Walfish says.You may notice that your partner has begun to take a condescending tone with you.Abusive people will often rely on insulting you, claiming that they are “only joking.” They will begin to tease you relentlessly about your looks, your family, and your friends.

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"This means that the abuser acts unhappy until the partner guesses what they want," she explains.

Just remember, while it’s good to have a sense of awareness about yourself and what you want, you also don’t want to put up such a high wall that would prevent you from being happy with someone.

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Walfish says that emotional abuse in a relationship is not always easy to spot and that some forms of it can even seem flattering at first.

Perhaps this person showered you with attention within the initial weeks of meeting, only to disappear and then reappear for no reason at all.

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