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"It makes me feel like pedophiles and sex offenders can now buy that video and sit there and get their rocks off while these children are running around in this video," she said. Shawn Diotte of the Windsor Police Service's internet child exploitation unit.

"My biggest concern is the fact there were children in the library at the time when this was going on.

"We've asked her to leave from this facility for inappropriate behaviour," she said during an interview at the Riverside branch.

"We were notified by a customer that there was inappropriate behaviour happening here.

That isn't material that children that age should be seeing," he said.

However, the video isn't child pornography, he said.

"The next time the patron came in, we notified her that kind of behaviour was not appropriate in a public place and she was to leave.

That's all we've heard." She said police were notified of the incident "but they didn’t have a lot to go on." She said she will once again contact police.

Ju Ju is concerned about public sex shows being streamed online and unintentionally showing children.

"We'll be referring it to the police right away," Pope said.

"Certainly the staff, the board and the police will do everything in their power to make sure the Windsor Public Library is a safe place for everybody." Staff Sgt.

Brad Hill said he is not aware of any formal complaint made to police. But we have to investigate what we get reported to us.

"If we had a complaint it could possibly be an indecent act," he said. "If we got a call to the library that this person was there, patrol would have responded to the library and dealt with it firsthand." A woman who goes by the name Ju Ju performed on My Free for a few months, during the same time period lilsecrett used the site.

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