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This meant that he would not be seen fighting in the octagon again until early During the fight's first round Leben won by KO with several uppercuts before following Silva to the ground for a referees stoppage at the 27 second mark.

Le managed to confuse Silva with his unorthodox kicks, and landed a spinning backfist that dropped Silva.

R Brain certainly has a way with people, doesn't he? First, I went through some big changes in my personal life in the fall.

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During the second round, Silva rocked Franklin hard with punches and almost finished the fight during that moment.I feel like it keeps my mind fresh and ensures I'm at my best when I'm tackling the events of these important climactic site reminded me of something pretty fascinating: the Features page, which was removed from the main page of the site when it upgraded to the current version in March 2014, still uses the original site design.Even more interesting, however, is the fact that the can be accessed through this page!They didn't show very much of it, but it was a mess. We had to get Wanderlei back, but we had Dana White on the phone. We had Vitor Belfort on the phone, wondering, hey, if this guy really walks, will you get on a plane? And welcome to another Let’s Play composed by yours truly, playerprophet.

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