Be a dating dahling

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it's been a whirlwind year, hence, the long hiatus and not even realizing i had taken that long of a hiatus from the last year, we've...become official, taken weekend trips (spring training, san diego, chicago, monterey, snow trips), indoor scuba-dived, taken a wilderness class, eaten an intensely amount of food (including world-class fine dining: french laundry and alinea), kayaked, adjusted to my fabulous new job, fallen in love, attended a beautiful wedding, gone to a couple concerts, gone to multiple sporting events (shark's playoffs, giants' games), and have filled each other's lives to the very brink! weekend trips to san diego and vegas so far, a billion weddings, including a week in turks & caicos (my first time in the Caribbean's!! i can't begin to describe how excited i am for this year and for the good I know that will come out of it.The jacket has a stud in front, a middle piece you attach at the back that hangs below and hugs your earlobe, and a fastener.Try Claire’s Accessories, Argos, and Stella and Dot. :-) life is still good but a completely new life that i've never lived before.a large reason due to the man i am dating ("football" from last year's posts).

Perhaps, a partner's choice to have the affair could have been the result of a maladaptive defense is incredibly beautiful, with its highs and lows.i am so, so, so humbled by the love that i have found. i lost the extra pounds i had somehow (doesn't love usually give you an extra layer? and i finally have a diptyque candle in my possession. And — most importantly — are you OTM (that’s Of The Moment, dahling!You’d be forgiven for thinking the fashion pack are on a different planet, so strange is the gobbledygook they spout.

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