Bible verses on dating non christians

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“I’ve been worried about you for some time.” Really? I also realized most of my attraction had been to his attention.I was one of the many affected by the dating drought in Christian circles, and it had been a while since anyone had shown interest in me. Plus, in daily life, most Christians will come across far more non-Christian dating potentials than devoted Christian ones. And, in a way, it may even be logical with all the confusion and droughts we’ve talked about.

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A couple months after that, Emily stopped going to church.

Faced with the decision of whether or not to go, I finally asked a few Christian friends for advice.

Maggie, a hopeless romantic, suggested that spending a weekend together would give me the chance to discuss matters of faith.

For some inexplicable reason, Jake still intrigued me.

Several days later, Jake asked me to meet him for coffee.

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