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In XAML, I'm hardcoding the date ranges (mostly to show you it can be done that way too), while I do something a bit more clever in Code-behind, by first adding all past dates to the collection with a single call to the Add Dates In Past() method and then adding a range consisting of today and tomorrow.The Display Mode property can change the Calendar control from a place where you can select a date to a place where you can select a month or even a year.This fixed size behavior is not very typical WPF, where things usually stretch to fill out available space, and it can be a bit annoying to work with if you have a designated amount of space available for the calendar which you want it to fill out.Fortunately for us, everything in WPF is scalable but in the case of the Calendar control, it needs a bit of help.Instead, you should use the Selected Dates, which is a collection of currently selected dates in the Calendar control.

This is noticeable because the window is higher than it is wide and by default, the Viewbox will stretch while maintaining the original aspect ratio.Single Range mode only allows a single range of dates to be selected though, much like the name suggests.This means that you can't select two dates which are not next to each other, and you can't select more than one range.We'll use the Viewbox control for this purpose: Notice how the Calendar control now scales up to the point where it uses all the available space in the width.The scaling is performed on all parts of the control, including font sizes and border widths.

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