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At one point, I decided that I needed some Lucky Charms, but that probably wasn't the best decision, because choking on little rainbow marshmallows while listening to a humorous audiobook would make for a slightly embarrassing epitaph. I adore AJ Jacobs, and Brian Donovan has a similar writing style (a bit more swearing though).Here lies Becky, who laughed herself to a 'Magically Delicious' death. Both the cereal AND the death by laughter, because I really enjoyed both. (I think this may have been where I was risking my life with the cereal.)- Dancing aka "I'm not epileptic..."- The First Date's most traumatizing first date. Part how-to and part memoir, my favorite chapter was The girl who was a Mennonite.At one point, I decided that I needed some Lucky Charms, but that probably w Coming right on the heels of an utter failure of an Audible freebie, I was at best hoping that this book would be bearable, and that I would not want to cancel Audible for misleading me twice in a row.Seriously, I spent 95% of this book giggling insanely while listening to his tales of dating what-the-fuckery, and it was fantastic. I've never tried internet dating, and think if you did, you would enjoy this even more.

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Und so wird für Harry das erste Jahr in der Schule das spannendste, aufregendste und lustigste in seinem Leben.Der Bestseller im Diät-Dschungel: Was ist gesund, was ist schädlich, wie ernähren wir uns richtig? "Die Känguru-Apokryphen" versammeln zum ersten Mal alle weniger bekannten Eskapaden des dynamischen Duos: Episoden, die zwar nicht im allgemein gültigen Hochkanon der "Känguru"-Trilogie vertreten, aber ebenso witzig sind. Dies stellt er fest, als er zum Tatort eines grausamen Mordes beordert wird und pflichtbewusst beginnt, einen Zeugen zu befragen, der sich jedoch ziemlich schnell als Geist herausstellt.Wissenschaftsjournalist Bas Kast bricht, gerade 40-jährig, zusammen. Von da ab wird Peters Leben kompliziert, denn Inspector Thomas Nightingale, Exzentriker, Jaguar-Fahrer und letzter Zauberer Englands macht ihn kurzerhand zu seinem Lehrling.Personal note: I'm single, and yes, I do go through my 'Gee, it would be nice if I could find a nice, interesting, funny guy to spend my days with' moments.But then I read books like this that make me rethink that notion.

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