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wy Build, wy Update, & the Automatic Updater control are fully compatible with Windows 2000 through Windows 10 (including all Windows Server products).

NET downloads the XML file containing update information from your server.

NET technologies, but want to add the best updater in the industry to their application. NET developers — whether you're working with C#, VB. — can add fully automatic updating to your application.

When wy Update is in standalone mode all you have to do is include the wy Update executable with your application. Use wy Update as a silent updater whether you've written your app in C, C , Delphi, Java, or any other language.

Limited users can check for updates without needing Administrator privileges and, if an update is found, Windows UAC prompts the user for an administrator password only if the limited user doesn't have permission to the folder.

wy Update can check for updates even on limited user accounts on all Windows versions (Windows 2000 through Windows 10).

This has been used to great success by both developers looking for a simple drop-in solution & web designers looking for an easy way to distribute new versions of their works to their clients. When you use the free Automatic Updater control your updates are downloaded, extracted, and patched in the background.

Simply drag & drop your files directly into wy Build.

Differences between versions of your software are analyzed and tiny patch files are generated. With significant speed-ups in wy Update's patching algorithm your users will get your updates faster even if they're using old single-core processors. NET applications will get optimized using NGEN when updated. NET assemblies whether they've been built for the x64, x86, or Any CPU platforms. wy Update works seamlessly on both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Windows including the ability to install files to the x86 & x64 system32 folders.

This ensures that you'll spend less on bandwidth while also saving your users' time. wy Update seamlessly handles file Access Control Lists (ACL), that is which users can read, write, and execute files.

It is a job of installer after this point to carry out the update.

If you provide zip file URL instead of installer then Auto Updater.

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