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For Josh and his classmates, mobile dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are a perfect way for them to romantically explore outside of West Point. After breaking up with his girlfriend from home his plebe year, Josh got a Tinder during his 2nd year.Since then, he has been an avid user of both Tinder and Bumble.He added that another reason he finds it hard to be romantic with girls at West Point is because relationships can get very serious, very quickly.

Plus, it’s against school rules for upperclassmen to date plebes, and cadet rankings can make inter-school relationships more difficult.And then there’s the dating scene.“There is a certain type of girl that comes to West Point, and it’s not that they aren’t the kind of girl I’d be interested in, but there’s also so many more guys than girls on this campus,” Josh divulged.Finding girls to hang out with or casually hook up with isn’t easy when “everyone knows everyone.” Gossip is magnified.Imagine one of those awkward, boss-dating-employee-type-situations, and that’s what it can feel like.When two cadets decide to date, it’s referred to as “cadating,” Josh said with a snicker.

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