Canadian women and dating nigerian men who is katie lee dating

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it would also be a very nice idea to show more interest in things he likes maybe some afro stuffs(music, fabrics etc).

on the courtesy issue, you said he opens the door for you and all that, tell him to be real with you cos I doubt if he is being genuine in that aspect.

But the major keys to our heart is when our lady respect us , Show us how much you love and care (dont pretend not to be in love,show it) , Praise us whenever we've done someffin good, Be 100% concerned about his progression.

If you can do all this , I bet every other ffin will follow , Already with all this ffins his doing for you , you should see that he truely LOVE YOU . Nigerian mens are one of the best ever, l8ernedureg01:show respect and that's all u need.

I'm sure his being patient with u cos ure white too. I really do care for him and I guess I am hoping to get some insight in how he thinks and feels from people who share his background.He is definately someone who's actions speak louder than words because he does plenty for me but is not very forward with discussing his feelings.I wish he were more willing to discuss things but he was hurt badly and trusts very little.So instead of pushing him to talk about something he is not ready to discuss, I am trying to learn on my own.

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