Consolidating multiple excel workbooks into one

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are you trying to combine multiple workbooks into single workbook and each workbook as a worksheet into this single workbook?

are you trying to combine multiple workbooks all into one single sheet? Professor Jim Jam, please follow link below for my question.

The next method comes with some disadvantages and is a little bit more complicated.

It works, if your files are in a systematic file order and just want to import some certain values.

The next method is to copy or move one or several Excel sheets manually to another file.

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I am trying to combine multiple workbooks into a single workbook in one single sheet(append contents of each documents on top of each other. Basically, I am trying to consolidate individual documents into one single master document, and view ,edit, compare etc.

I used the following code and tested on some test workbooks and did append two workbooks contents into one but when doing the same with 2 real documents with one containing almost 5k rows and other a few hundred, it didnt append properly. I want the code to select all the data in each worksheet and just merge all into 1 workbook. ---Sub simple Xls Merger() Dim book List As Workbook Dim merge Obj As Object, dir Obj As Object, files Obj As Object, every Obj As Object Application. Files For Each every Obj In files Obj Set book List = Workbooks.

Open(every Obj) 'change "A2" with cell reference of start point for every files here 'for example "B3: IV" to merge all files start from columns B and rows 3 'If you're files using more than IV column, change it to the latest column 'Also change "A" column on "A65536" to the same column as start point Range("A2: IV" & Range("A65536"). i have some questions, as i may have not understood your question properly.

For example each workbooks have columns from A to CL and each workbooks have the same heading only with varying number of rows in each documents.

I do not know vba and will try to learn at some point in time, I have been using codes from web to do some other minor automation with vba.

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