Dating aggression scripting for play

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Her husband Frank blames her, Timmy haunts her, as she struggles against guilt and grief for permission to heal. Rewritten as Inquest it was performed by students at the University of Galway in the 1990s, and had a NYC table reading at the Lark in 2003. A rejection letter I got back from a Denver Theatre said "This play could set the Women's Liberation Movement back 100 years." The Prophet Freeman Still-current tale about the cult of a charismatic miracle-working man of the soil whose preaching inspires desperate Midwestern farmers faced with foreclosure to enlist in the Almighty's Patriot Army, where they plan to fight the banksters greed and the government's corruption. Finalist for Midwest Play Lab, and the Texas Auggie contest.Amazons A dedicated band of Goddess worshippers plans to rid the world of war and ecological disaster by eliminating the aggressive source of all its problems: men. No Secrets, No Lies The World's Greatest Hacker takes on the military-industrial complex in the name of freedom. The T Show: Breaking In At the MBTA In 1977 the author entered the MBTA's first Affirmative Action job lottery, and won the opportunity to be a member of the first group of Lady Operators ever hired by the Boston transit system.Church with a diverse cast, it got a rave review in the Phoenix and small but enthusiastic audiences.Scheduled for development at the Sundance Lab in 1990 and for a premiere in LA by the Burbage Ensemble that fall, the Burbage production-- excellent in previews-- never opened.

Character's speeches excerpted from this play are published in Ratliffe’s Millennium Monologues and students write me regularly to propose a production at their university-- but so far the only schools to mount it are Nebraska University at Wichita, and the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. The script had a presentation at the Cleveland Public Theatre in 1996, and a very helpful workshop and staged reading at the Medford Library, directed by an MFA candidate at Boston University using BU student actors and supported by a grant from the Arts Council.

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