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The Association now has 11 full and part time staff dealing with Governance, Discipline, Facilities and Football Development.In August 2001 the Association purchased its current headquarters in Droitwich thus consolidating all of the work previously carried out in individuals’ own homes.Whilst details are sketchy it seems that during the early part of 1893 the number of clubs taking up membership encouraged the Worcestershire Association Committee to spread its wings as it had then been administering the game in the county for 14 years. In his report the Secretary said that the number of clubs had increased from 33 in 1893/4 to 81 in 1894/5; seven clubs had competed for the Senior Cup and 22 for the Junior Cup. Authorisation was therefore given to 12 Charity and District Associations, which included Kidderminster and District Charity, and the Worcestershire Association, to deal with their own cases. At the 20th Annual Meeting of the Association in 1913 the Secretary in his Annual Report concentrated on impressing the Clubs to do their utmost to discourage the Football Betting Coupon as its prevalence among the Junior Clubs especially was highly injurious to the game. There is no record of all the results or of the hospitality accorded to the visitors, the latter presumably being the responsibility of the Sports Fellowship but there is a record of the final match at Kidderminster at the end of October 1929 which records a result of 5-1 of the home side and states the game was played in an excellent spirit, whilst the Americans had their chances, the English side were the winners.At the time an increasing number of Charity Cup competitions had become available and, not to be outdone, the Association President, the Earl of Dudley who must have been a keen supporter of the game, announced his intention of giving a Challenger Cup to the Association for competition between member clubs. Ray (Redditch Excelsiors), Standford (Berwick Rangers) and A. The Treasurer reported on the accounts and said that the Association made a loss of £15 19s during the preceding season. All cases dealt with had to be reported to Birmingham and, similarly, appeals were dealt with by Birmingham. He stated his willingness to attend meetings of footballers to stress the "evils" likely to occur from the Football Betting Coupon. The visitors were entertained to a meal after the game and were the guests of Sir Arthur Carlton, CBE, the Vice-Chairman of the Worcestershire Sports Fellowship, at a performance of "The Three Musketeers" at the Opera House, Kidderminster.The Association through its Honorary Officers and many volunteers continued to oversee football in Worcestershire as an unincorporated body until in 1999 when the Association took the step to incorporate as a Company Limited by Guarantee (as did many other County FAs).On 1st January 2001 the Association appointed its first Full Time employee (the current Company Secretary).

The leading officers of the new Worcestershire Association were the Earl of Dudley, President; Joseph Pritchard (Kidderminster), Chairman; and John Lewis (Feckenham), Secretary. In view of the fact that Sunday Football was not authorised the Council at their meeting on the 21st of November 1923 decided to play the Senior Cup match, Redditch versus Bromsgrove Rovers on Christmas Day!This growth led to the establishment of County, Charity and District Associations, and in 1875 the Birmingham District and Counties Football Association was inaugurated; this body finally becoming the present Birmingham County Football Association.The boundaries within which this organisation operated extended from Stoke on Trent in the North to Worcestershire in the South and from Bridgnorth in the West to Rugby in the East. This list of members of Council is recorded in the earliest Minute Book we have which begins in 1912.Football in Worcestershire therefore came under the authority of Birmingham, and from the records available it appears that a happy relationship was formed that has remained to this day. Unfortunately the Cup competitions representatives who made up the remainder of the Council are not recorded.It is not possible to state when the game started to be played in Worcestershire, but in the north west of the county it appears it was brought into the Kidderminster area by Black Country workers crossing the South Staffordshire border in search of work in the new foundries and forges on the banks of the River Stour. Owing to the situation caused by the Great War (1914-1918) all operations of the Association were suspended and in 1915 a resolution was passed empowering the Officers to carry on the business of the Association.

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