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Together Networks Holdings is operating like the internet is the Wild West and they can do whatever the hell they want with no impunity and no problems from law enforcement.

And for the moment they are correct, they continue pumping out new dating sites on a monthly basis as they have been for many many years now with no problems from the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI, or from from any type of law enforcement agency whatsoever.

These are just a few of the phony dating site operated by Together Network Holdings that we have personally investigated and have written reviews on.

Today were focusing on their newer dating site called Ask Me4

So, please don't get tricked into believing that local women are emailing you directly.

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We do not have substantial proof that the dating site itself is responsible for creating these fake profiles, it could very well be romance scammers who are joining the site and creating fake profiles to scam men out of their money by telling them that they love them and then asking for money. But another real possibility is that the dating site itself is responsible for building fake profiles using images of attractive looking women and then creating a fake profile page using the stolen pictures.

They are responsible for countless fictitious dating sites.

This long list of websites includes Black, Do, Flirty, Spicy, Naughty, IWant,, Snap and Wild,.

Not only does Ask Me4do this but we've reviewed over 500 different dating sites and guess what they all operate in the same manner describing in crystal clear detail how they fool and rip off their own members.

In section #1 of the terms and conditions page of Ask Me4they openly admit that they use an automated notification system that sends you what they call "activity alerts".

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