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I am not sure what this information may mean from the perspective of the serial number database/calculator but I hope it helps - or points out something that someone can tell me about my watch that clears up the confusion.

Obviously no criticism of the calculator but rather an observation and question about the history of my watch.

General rule for manufacture month/year is to look at 1st digit of serial # to say what year within decade. For month, 1-9 are Jan thru Sep, with 'O' for Oct, 'N' for Nov, and 'D' for Dec.

For decade itself, you have to know the actual production dates of the movement itself.

Cheers, John Hi, I am informed by the seller that the 6309-7049 I purchased, with serial number 680394, dates production to Aug. When I punch the serial number into the calculator with any decade selected I get August 1976.

Doing my homework shows that the 7049 was produced from 1976 - 1988 so that means it is either one of the first or last but I seriously doubt that it is nearly 40 years old and rather expect that it is a very late example.

Hence, I will always guess the early date for movements used for more than 10 years.

All Seiko's should have a Serial number on the case back The first number in the Serial is the last number in the year of production, and so if it is a new watch and you see an 8 it should be the year 2008 The second number in the Serial is the month the watch was made if you see a 4 it will be the month of April most Seiko serial are 6 digits long and so a serial of 86XXXX would be a watch made in April of 2008 The key to the whole trick is knowing what movement is in side and older movement like the 6309 was made in the late 70's and 80's and so a watch with 86XXXX would be April 1988 and so on ...You just have to type in your movement number, the serial number, and my program will print out the production month and year.Here is the new link: The list of start years for Seiko movements is in need of updating, so I will need your collective help in bringing the program up to date.Simple and quick, this page allows you to determine the exact date of manufacture of a Seiko watch basing on the caliber and serial number printed on the bottom plate or in the edge.Probably this is the most detailed database of all Seiko production since 1950 over the web, including movement revisions (ex: 7S26B or C) and various extra features.

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