Exhibitionist video chat rooms

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These communications had become the most exciting and erotic thing I had ever done.One day, as Curious was vividly describing how her pussy was wet to the touch, she said she wished I were there to see it.An occasional finger in her pussy and even a carrot once, but never a larger view.Many times I wished I could "zoom out" and get a better overall perspective, but Curious never responded to those requests.No text, only a very close up picture of a widely spread, dripping pussy hole.Her clit was visible and swollen at the top of the frame, while her inner lips, wet and matted against the fleshy part of her pussy, extended beyond the edge of the picture.When I finally got the nerve to tell her that I frequently jacked off when we shared fantasies, she surprised me by admitting that she did the same.We soon graduated to giving blow-by-blow descriptions while we were in the process of masturbation.

I told her that it would be held at the Hyatt in St. There was a long pause before she came back on and asked if I thought it was a good idea to finally meet. This was a woman with whom I had an intimate, although detached, relationship.The nice thing about a whore is that her only aim is to please you, and as fast as she can. When I got back to the chat room, Curious was there and we picked up just like there had been no interruptions.As the chat became more intimate, we had a variety of geeks adding their comments. With a few instructions from her, we were soon communicating more privately. Curious and I were getting to know each other quite well. It seemed like the only person responding to my comments and questions was a person called Curious. It was confusing and I stumbled around until I learned the knack, then found myself enjoying the banter.

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