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The differentiation of the marketplace includes unique ways to collect user‐based information and customized, proprietary algorithms that generate what are believed to be the best matches, based on user and matchmaking service criteria.

Online dating services use statistics, data mining, and activity monitoring to provide appropriate matches; thus, differentiating their services and understanding the success of their product offering.

“Cyberspace relating is a wonderful supplement to IPR [In-Person Relationships], but in the long run it’s not ultimately fulfilling as a substitute especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

Most people who develop close friendships and romances in cyberspace eventually want and need to meet their friend or lover in-person” (Suler).

If it's just an ________ you can probably wait until tomorrow or the day after.

One thing is for sure: You'll probably see your ______ relatives every day!

Touch, as well as many physical activities, cannot be fully recreated in cyberspace (Suller).

Body language and communication through facial movements are completely absent.

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Simply put, on-line friendships are lacking a very important physical bond.Luckily, you don't need to see your _______ relatives quite as often, though. When it comes to business, you'll probably see your _________ daily, but you'll stay away from ________ as often as you can. I've heard from a number of people who have experienced _____________, and they're never the same! For example, if you've had a _______ date, do you want to go out again? Online Relationships Cyberspace relationships have the advantages of time, distance depletion, and fantasy abilities (Suler).Internet users can take on different identities or take part in fantasy games. James Katz and Philip Aspen report that the Internet is a place to make friends and stay in touch with far away relatives (Stoll). Also, online a person is given time before they must respond to the other person (Suler).

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