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Some, wanting love as well as (or more than) sex, are looking for a person who is compatible intellectually and temperamentally.

They may be unable, because of being so far from the norms, to find such a person.

It was luck, not wisdom, that saved them; she turned out to be wrong. They discussed the issue quite rationally and decided not to begin a sexual relationship.

Sex, they reasoned, would put an emotional pressure on both of them that they werent sure they could handle, or the relationship could withstand; it would break down the protection against promiscuity that resides in virginity (once kids start, they had noticed, theres not much reason to stop).

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In a recent text on the gifted adolescent (Bireley and Genshaft, 1991), there is so little discussion of the subject that one might assume from it that gifted adolescents are the only adolescents on earth for whom sexuality is not a major issue!

Unfortunately, traditionally gifted individuals often get the shorter end of the stick.

Surviving the transition from school to the “real world” can be rough, navigating a work place where each boss seems dumber than the next takes a toll, and negotiating meaningful social relationships can sometimes leave you confused and alone.

There are 39 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

In recent years, scientists have developed new ways to define intellect outside traditional ideas of cognitive capacity (IQ, SAT scores, GPA, etc.), such as “emotional intelligence” (EQ), “practical intelligence,” and recent studies of wisdom.

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