Is nia long and chris rock dating

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It’s about that we have good and bad in every group, every religion, every race. I think that’s important, that we start to see beyond what happened and to understand that it’s a part of our history. That’s why we have to continue to tell our stories and make movies that we believe in and not just make the big, fancy shiny movies with the big budgets, but do a very small film that’s going to help get our voice out there. NL: You know what was so funny is that they asked me to come and do an arch on the show and I was like, ‘Yeah, great!

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But there's indeed a much more fabulous side of black hair care that could have been portrayed as well. anna: I must agree, Dezzi Dez: I think some people are missing the point of this whole movie….

,’ the Brooklyn native plays a Muslim mom struggling to keep her family together post 9/11 in the independent film ‘Mooz-lum.’ Written and directed by newcomer Qasim Basir, the film also stars Evan Ross, Roger Guenveur Smith, Danny Glover, Dorian Missick, and Summer Bishil.

Pulled between his strict Muslim upbringing by his father and the normal social life he’s never had, Tariq Mahdi (played by Evan Ross) enters college in a state of confusion.

He’s just researching the thing that black folks have been talkin about for years (hell, decades even)…which is, WHAT IS GOOD HAIR?

And do we weave-it-up nowadays because we’ve been brainwashed to think that the silky sleek hair is better than our own naturallykinky hair.

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