Mr bean dating video

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"Good luck will be following you all your days, if you kiss the Blarney Stone," the guide said.

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Tee off Mr Bean (Part One) - Mr Bean a laundry and play golf.

Later he finds a novel use of a photo booth and then takes his girlfriend to see a magic show and have a dance at the disco.

Bean wakes up late and has to drive to his dental appointment on the other side of town, while dressing and brushing his teeth.

Bean visits the local swimming pool where he realises that he is scared of diving, tries to find a way to leave the car park without paying, makes a sandwich in the park sitting next to Angus Deayton, jumps a traffic light in his car by getting out and pushing it and then takes his girlfriend to watch a scary movie at the cinema.

Bean buys a new portable television but seems to be having difficulty getting a good reception.

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