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In the sims 2 for PC, yes, i know for sure you can, same with the PS2. the Sims 2 and the Sims 2 double deluxe are the same thing. CONTROL SHIFT C, "forcetwins" make sim have twins "frocetriplets" makes sim have triplets "quadforce" makes sim have quads "motherlode" gives sim family 50,000 "keching" gives sim family 1,000 "maxmotives" makes sim mood go to full temporarily, just renter the code. quadforce- make your sim have quads, sim must be preg. There are cheats that allow you to get a grim reaper costume in Create a Sim mode.

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there is two cheats that i know for jenna moonlight dating sim 2 The super cheat is: pokerface which gives u 50050 hp,10100 money and it gets u to the last day. If you don't care about the family tree, you can use the insiminator, sim blender or boolprop to make a sim pregnant by themselves - if you impregnate a female sim by themself, they'll have a boy clone, and vice versa for a male sim.

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