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La Quinta Brewing has a tasting room here as well as independent coffee bars and restaurants.In fact, the entire valley from Palm Springs to Coachella has treasures waiting to be discovered by LGBT adventurers. Whenever you arrive, the temperature is just right.Brunch funds will support Oasis operations and programming.Greater Palm Springs, with its large and vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populous, is known the world over as an LGBT comfort zone.Downtown exists in harmony with the Antiques Galleries of Palm Springs and other shops nested off Sunny Dunes where you’ll also find the town’s Levis/Leather Bar Toolshed and leather store, Gear.Those who enjoy nature and hiking can experience stunning vistas, and a hearty workout, at trails throughout the valley. The Tramway, a rotating cable car that ascends 8,500 feet to the pristine wilderness of Mt. Along the way, visitors traverse five climate zones from desert to alpine.It’s where you can find wearables no matter what your proclivity, nibbles and about a half dozen bars all tuned to the LGBT traveler.

Debi Nelson, Chill Bar’s assistant manager, said, “In the Gayborhood, we don’t judge.Visitors will find a smorgasbord of food and fun waiting for them here, starting with Arenas Road in downtown Palm Springs.When night falls, this strip should be the first stop on the LGBT itinerary.Established in 1985, Oasis is a vital resource and destination for queer youth to find community, connect with resources, and empower one another.Your support ensures that Oasis can continue its life-changing programs.

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