Otzi the iceman dating

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Researchers named the mummy the “Tyrolean Iceman” or “Ötzi,” due to the region in which he rested all those years, and they began a detailed examination of his remains.Without question, the most intriguing aspect of the mummy was the presence of 61 ancient tattoos.For several years, scientific evidence supported a conclusion that the El Morro Man had the oldest tattoos.

Do they indicate some special social status or tribal leadership? Therefore, researchers continue their work today in an effort to unmask the mystery of ancient tattoos and their symbolic significance.However, scholars are still uncertain about how early man perceived the body markings or why the got them.Here we take a look at the two oldest tattooed mummies in the world, Ötzi the Iceman and El Morro Man, to see what the experts have to say about the meaning of ancient tattoos.Archaeologists were subsequently summoned to the site and recovered 96 bodies, most of which were remarkably preserved.The bodies belonged to the Chinchorro culture, and it was also determined that the mummification of most of these bodies was deliberate.

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