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One of the most important part of any Peruvian party, maybe after food, is music and dance.Andean music is world famous for the sweet sounds of its flutes and panpipes.Other hand made crafts include wood carving and jewelry, specially gold and silver.from Ayacucho are colorful wooden altars with carved religious and everyday scenes and figurines.There are two main teams in Peruvian soccer, Universitario de Deportes and Alianza Lima.

Art in Peru has been an important part of its culture for thousands of years dating back to pre-Inca times.During the colonial period artists came from Spain and Italy and most of their art was related to religion, their paintings and sculptures are found in many churches today.Native Peruvian painters emerged in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, they were known as the Cuzco school of painters.The nineteenth century was characterized by paintings of battles, independence war and heroes.The following century was mostly influenced by the great Mexican muralists best represented by José Sabogal.

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