Refresh bind after updating zone file

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Many statements contain a block of sub-statements, which are also terminated with a semicolon.

The following statements are supported: statement assigns a symbolic name to an address match list.

Example usage of the destination clause directs the channel to the server's standard error stream.

This is intended for use when the server is running as a foreground process, for example when debugging a configuration.

More information on those names can be found in the description of the acl statement.

The addition of the key clause made the name of this syntactic element something of a misnomer, since security keys can be used to validate access without regard to a host or network address.

For example, a link-local address is limited to 0 through 65535, with values below 1024 typically restricted to use by processes running as root.

In some cases, an asterisk (`*') character can be used as a placeholder to select a random high-numbered port.

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Note that an address match list's name must be defined with statement facilitates the administration of configuration files by permitting the reading or writing of some things but not others.However, key comparisons require that the list of keys be traversed until a matching key is found, and therefore may be somewhat slower.The interpretation of a match depends on whether the list is being used for access control, defining option will cause the server to refuse queries on any of the machine's addresses which do not match the list. If more than one element in an ACL is found to match a given IP address or prefix, preference will be given to the one that came in the ACL definition.The server can supply extensive debugging information when it is in debugging mode.If the server's global debug level is greater than zero, then debugging mode will be active.

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