Stop xp updating time

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This leads me to believe there is a setting somewhere that configures this, but I don't know where it is.

Can anyone confirm there is a setting for this and where it might be?

To do this you have to use the command prompt and even poke around in the registry.

In the command prompt type in the following line: and and even time.are examples of public time servers that you can put in the manualpeerlist.

It doesn’t matter from a technical point which time servers you use but normally you’d use ones near to you geographically.It’s because many time servers have access rules, they are only available to people in a particular area or other organizational affiliations.Once you have entered your list of servers you need to enter the following at the command prompt: This tells the time sync service that there’s configuration changes and to use the changed settings.If your computer is a part of a domain (not possible in Home Edition) you do not need to do anything.The computer will automatically update it’s time by querying the PDC Emulator (usually the first DC n the domain).

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