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She was now filled with a sense of urgency in her groin, and the need to climax grew to a point where the only thing that mattered in the world was getting blessed relief to her devastated vagina and clit!!! I reached out and took a pair of silken balls in each hand, gently rolling their tender nuggets between fingers and thumbs.The heat of their passion was evident as it radiated from their swollen, sperm filled pods to the tips of my groping digits.Her face and nipples were getting a rug burn from the friction, the nipple clamps digging into her tits, and her groans had turned to moans as I fucked her ass without mercy.

They gave me tips on how to talk to a slave, how to treat them, and what was to be expected from them. I reached into her suitcase removing the nipple clamps then attached them tightly on her tits Watching her squirm as I turned the screw an extra turn for good measure. “Now bitch, come wipe my ass with your nasty tongue, and do a good job or you’ll regret the day your sorry ass was born.” She rushed between my legs, kissing my asshole, then licking the rim using her tongue like a washrag on my dirty ass. I can do better.” I told her to get back on her hands and knees and turn away from me, I couldn’t stand to look at her face, she disgusted me.When she was done, she returned to my feet on her hands and knees like a good slave. ” I drove home to my sexless wife with a huge smile on my face thinking.I had her suck my cock again forcing her to gag, until she became used to it and began to deep throat my cock. Granny’s, aren’t only good for baking cookies are they!There will be new chapters in the future and I'll even take requests on what to do next and write about it...Father and son are sexually humiliated and dominated at a private party.

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