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Why just play video games when you could learn how to make them?During this half-day camp, campers will learn about character and story design, 2D graphics, conditional branches, and many other skills necessary for them to make their own games with RPG Maker.And while it would be ideal to be able to depict people’s lives without the need for a Very Special Conversation, the game proves it’s possible to discuss such concepts even among characters who aren’t aware of labels or terminology for their feelings (a concern expressed by David Gaider when asked about including ace relationships in Dragon Age — four years after Other elements are more subtly included, playing with player expectations in order to provoke thought: a recurring male NPC, for example, will repeatedly ask the player for advice on how to win back a girl whom he thinks is losing interest, and the player’s roommates may remark on seeing his public romantic gestures; but depending on the player’s choices, they may also befriend a female NPC whose ex has been harassing and stalking her.The game takes its time in connecting these dots, forcing the player to realize that they’d been complicit in treating a woman like an unseen prize rather than a person with her own legitimate reasons for ending a relationship.While 2011 is still in very recent memory, it was nonetheless ahead of the curve in terms of breaking free of the boxes of narrowly defined “acceptable” romances (i.e. The game also included several prominent Black characters (as well as the option to make the protagonist a POC), two of whom are romanceable.

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The other route, Virginia Danson, is to date the only example I’ve ever encountered of a romanceable asexual character.While the game also makes an attempt to be more responsible in its worldbuilding — the game’s magical populace is heavily entwined with Native American tribes, for example, though there are no Native characters — but I am quite unqualified to assess how successfully it executes those elements.Hence, we’ll be focusing on the relationship writing.The most popular dating sims and visual novels translated among fans and by professionals were predominately heterosexual and aimed toward (cis) men.Among western visual novel developers, Hanako Games was one of the first developers (alongside Winter Wolves) to include same-gender romance options — predominantly between women, as their games tended to star female protagonists.

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