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A recent review provided a good overview of the background and basis of Mepis, my review aims to focus more on the day to day use for a desktop user.

Introduction Having tried a variety of easy to install versions of debian, including Knoppix, Bonzai and Morphix I was keen to give Mepis a try after hearing some excellent reports about it.

It could have been what Ubuntu IS, had it allowed a community of developers in.

I am confused about how a community of package developers (developing according to Debian package standards) and kernel hackers (developing kernels according to Debian kernel standards) could NOT BE CONSIDERED A WELCOME ASSET TO MEPIS?

With the loss of this site, Warren Woodford, the creator of MEPIS, has a lot of explaining to do.

He and his official community website, mepislovers.org, have now caused over 500 users and 2 major support websites go down without so much as a WORD. This content is published under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Odd that you would feel a release such as this to be a hinderance to your community, but it is obvious by the announcement that this must have been what took place.

updating mepis-81

updating mepis-11

I certainly felt a bit apprehensive using it, and pity anyone less experienced who tries to use it to partition their hard drive, as it comes with virtually no explanation.

Alternatively there is an option to automatically install to your entire hard drive.

A second issue with the install is that it only allows installation on one hard drive, so I couldn’t use my already existing swap partition on my second hard drive, but had to create a new swap partition It also only lets you chose your /root, swap and /home partitions, while this didn’t bother me others may find this lack of flexibility in creating partitions annoying.

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