Updating your house colors

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As you can see in the picture you need to leave a little white showing so when you apply the new color none of the old color will be accidently still there.I like to use automotive vinyl tape because it will not bleed through and is very flexible allowing you to tape off lines that are not straight.You have to agree it's just paint and changing it is very easy and not complicated.Step One First figure out if you would like a different set of colors and what they will be.Preparing the area before sanding will remove any wax thus not sanding the wax into the surface to be refinished. You can actually use other automotive forms of enamels, but they are more suited for professionals.

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Once you have your color on allow it to tack over well, but not completely dry and carefully remove the tape pulling it backwards so it will break away. One Section At A Time Moving forward, repeat the above steps and continue on.In just a few weekends you can do this and have an updated houseboat.Let's face it, most of them look pretty much the same but colors tell their age not their design.Once the decision has been made as to the new colors, work can begin.The first task is to clean the area to be repainted in sections with the appropriate solvent cleaner.

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