Validating button click vb 2016

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You could have three controls in frm Other, the textbox, txt Other and two command buttons, but Add Comment and but Cancel. Text Else Value = "False" End If End With Unload frm Other End Property Private Sub btn Add Comment_Click() Me. Hide End Sub Private Sub btn Cancel_Click() Unload Me End Sub' in frm Trade Sick Other Private Sub opt Other_Click() Dim ui Value As String Dim ui Button As Long Do ui Button = vb Cancel ui Value = Application. Value) If ui Value = "False" Then Msg Box "user canceled comment entry" Rem un-click opt Other Other.

Accommodating user error, validating that the user entered a non-null comment, putting the comment into the cell would all be handled in the first userform.

Validation controls are called inside the page postback logic and as such should be getting called when you select yes with the confirm dialogue.

However, if you select no then the validation will not be called.

Another approach (rather than two userforms) would be to have one userform with multi-page control that fills that form. I actually for a solution to the first problem: I disabled txt Other, enabled it again, then set focus. Hide Msg Box "Please enter the necessary information.", vb Information, "Required Field" frm Other. Return Integer, By Val Shift As Integer) If Key Code = 13 Then Start End = 1 ' Used to write data to spreadsheet.

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this link However, if all it is doing is calculating something based on user input then you shouldn't have it posting back at all.

I do have master pages, user controls, and 3rd party controls on some of my pages but it would be strange if one of those decides to disable validation when used in conjuction with On Client Click and the confirm method. I think it's more user-friendly to make sure the form is valid before prompting them, otherwise you'll be asking them the same question multiple times as they fix their validation errors and resubmit the form.

I may make a simple page with one button and one text box and see if it still breaks. They'll be thinking to themselves "Yeah, I'm sure.".

Validation worked fine until I added a On Client Click javascript to prompt the use to make sure they want to save the form data back to a sql database.

Is my syntax worng or does the On Client Click over ride the validation?

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