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Classroom behavior is inseparable from curricu- lum.

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Another question regarding the meaning of the term curriculum concerns the grade-level span over which curricula are defined: Is it a school term, a grade in school, or a longer period of time, such as all the elementary grades?

And a curriculum can act as a constraint on both teachers and stu- dents when the information conveyed through textbooks or tests is inaccurate, explanations are confusing or misleading, the logic of a concept and its derivation is lost, or mathematics or science is viewed as the memorization of facts and technical vocabulary.

These examples suggest the importance of the idea that a cur- riculum, by itself, does not cause teachers and students to behave in a certain way.

A curriculum may or may not provide incentives for teachers to master specific teaching techniques, such as laboratory experi- ments or the use of current events in creating applied mathematics problems.

A curriculum might create opportunities for students to do extra work on questions raised in school, for example, by focusing attention on the evolutionary implications of insect species diversity.

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