What to do about an intimidating boss

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A boss who's not fond of you may purposely insult your ideas in meetings in front of others or completely overlook your suggestions.

"Instead of praising you and/or giving you credit for your work, a boss that doesn't like you will do the opposite by putting you down making jokes at your expense and more," says Salemi.

While you don't have to become best friends with your manager, you do want to feel that you're being respected and supported.

It's easier to feel vulnerable with your ideas when you know that your boss likes you and doesn't judge you, but sometimes that's not always the case.

Does he [or she] tend to double check their work, not like their ideas, or re-do their projects as well? In some cases, he [or she] may be a micromanager, in other cases he [or she] is only trying to make sure that everything under his [or her] supervision is completed correctly," says career coach Hallie Crawford in an interview with Bustle over email.

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But a boss that doesn't believe in you and your potential might do the complete opposite.

A good leader should want to help you improve your problem areas and should communicate with you about their concerns.

Yelling or being passive aggressive are not professional ways to handle a working relationship.

"Your boss might not invite you in meetings or loop you in important conversations.

Overall, they may have a general disinterest and may not be respectable towards you," says Williams."Your boss may not look you in the eye or pay attention to you when you're talking.

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