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The pair got married in 2012 on Christmas day where they held a private ceremony in Caribbean.

They later held another ceremony in New Orleans a year later, followed by the birth of their daughter, Mavi.

The two have been seen in public together several times, but it seems it's on her Instagram where their relationship is most evident.

When he's not posting some of his personal work with other models, Holland frequently appears throughout his posts, with Walton appearing often on Holland's personal account.

Eventually, once the wedding day comes between the two, you've got to wonder if Cassidy will whip out that wedding dress from Episode 100 of Back to someone who keeps the romantic side of life more private, Willa Holland (Thea Queen/Speedy/Green Arrow's red-leathered sidekick) has been an active Hollywood actress since 2001.

The other rumored-coupling was Rickards' quick relationship with Lucy Pinder, which supposedly followed the Haynes relationship.Because of this consistent workload, she rarely strays away from the spotlight too much.Her love life, however, is something that she remains far more in-control of, especially in the sense of how much the media knows about it.Prior to Walton, it's believed Holland was involved with English actor Toby Hemingway, with the pair being together for approximately a year back in 2009.Holland will certainly be missed by David Ramsey's Diggle is the perfect representation of the wise, stable supporting character.

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