Who is chaz bono dating now

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The actor also explained about his weight shedding procedure he had taken to make his current weight 50 lbs.Caption: Chaz Bono Returns to The Doctors to Reveal His Stunning Weight Loss posted on February 9, 2013.

But, things turned out opposite for the actor cum advocate Chaz Bono Broke, who remained in the limelight for his broken engagement with his girlfriend turned partner. Is it due to his heavy weight or are there any hidden reason unshared by the star.At present let's focus on his acting and upcoming movie he is working on.We have seen the transformation of many people, but none like the one Chaz Bono has been through.When talking about his weight losing interest, he thanked about his gender transition decision that he had initiated in the year 2009.He also revealed about having no intention of getting back to his old figure and about his preparation in focusing on his acting career.

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