Xp validating identity wireless network

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It can find the network fine, but when I try to connect, I don't get the password prompt -- it moves straight to "validating identity," scans, and then says "Windows was not able to find a certificate to log you on to the wireless network Foo." The maddening thing is that the card was working fine a week ago, in the same box, using the same OS.

Each computer you want part of a wireless network will need a wireless network card installed.Once authentication has succeeded, it will go through the Acquiring network address state.When this happens, an ip address configuration is being obtained using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).The IT department of your home site will be able to provide you with these details: You can verify that the certificate is installed by running MMC (mmc.exe), adding the "Certificates" snap-in, and browsing to the appropriate certificate store ("Trusted Root Certification Authorities"- As described in a later step, you must supply the details of the SSL certificate of your home authentication server as part of the eduroam profile.These details include the identity of the Certificate Authority (CA) that signed the server certificate.

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